Photoshop CC: Create a Spooky Haunted-House in one hour

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Step into the eerie realm of digital artistry with our thrilling course, “Photoshop CC: Create a Spooky Haunted House in One Hour.” Perfect for beginners and seasoned Photoshop enthusiasts, this immersive experience will guide you through creating a hauntingly atmospheric haunted house scene in just one hour.

Led by expert instructors with a passion for macabre and a wealth of experience in Photoshop, this course is designed to unleash your creativity while honing your skills in photo manipulation and digital composition. From misty graveyards to creaky old mansions, you’ll learn how to craft a spine-chilling masterpiece that sends shivers.

Throughout the hour-long journey, you’ll embark on the following chilling adventures:

  1. Setting the Scene: Dive into the world of mood-setting as you learn how to select and manipulate background images to establish the eerie atmosphere of your haunted house.
  2. Adding Foreboding Elements: Using advanced masking and blending techniques, enhance the suspense by incorporating spooky elements such as gnarled trees, looming shadows, and ominous clouds.
  3. Creating Haunted House: Bring your haunted house to life with detailed architectural elements, cracked windows, crumbling walls, and other sinister details that evoke a sense of foreboding.
  4. Illuminating the Darkness: Learn how to manipulate lighting and shadows to cast an ominous glow over your haunted scene, adding depth and realism to your composition.
  5. Incorporating Ghostly Figures: Summon spectral apparitions and ghostly figures to inhabit your haunted house, using layering and opacity adjustments to achieve an ethereal effect.
  6. Finishing Touches: Add atmospheric effects such as fog, mist, and subtle textures to your masterpiece, adding a haunting authenticity to your composition.

By the end of this one-hour adventure, you’ll emerge with a spine-chilling masterpiece showcasing your newfound Photoshop manipulation and composition skills. Whether you’re looking to impress friends with your Halloween creations or aspiring to delve deeper into the world of digital artistry, “Photoshop CC: Create a Spooky Haunted House in One Hour” is your ticket to a thrilling journey through the shadows. Join us if you dare, and let your creativity run wild in the haunted halls of Photoshop!

What you'll learn

You will learn how to create an eerie haunted house from a simple house image using Photoshop CC.
How to create horror movie posters using Photoshop CC
How to create a scary comic cover book using Photoshop CC
How to remove objects from images in Photoshop
Selection techniques
Using the alpha channel technique
Design Techniques
Masking + Composition
Clipping mask
Filter: render tree technique in Photoshop CC
Creating a path in Photoshop CC

4 reviews for Photoshop CC: Create a Spooky Haunted-House in one hour

  1. Uchenna

    This course is a gem for anyone interested in Photoshop design! The instructor’s guidance and practical tips make it easy to create a spooky haunted-house design, even for beginners like myself. I appreciated the emphasis on using Photoshop tools and techniques to bring the design to life.

  2. Idowu

    This course exceeded my expectations in every way! The instructor’s expertise in Photoshop is evident throughout the course, providing valuable insights and practical tips for creating a spooky haunted-house design. I appreciated the focus on using layer masks, adjustment layers, and blending modes to achieve realistic effects.

  3. Chika

    I absolutely loved this course! The instructor’s creative approach to Photoshop manipulation is both inspiring and informative. I appreciated the emphasis on using different tools and techniques to create a spooky atmosphere in the haunted-house design. The course materials are well-structured, with easy-to-follow tutorials and plenty of resources for further exploration.

  4. Hajara

    This course is a must for anyone looking to unleash their creativity in Photoshop! The instructor’s step-by-step guidance and clear explanations made creating a spooky haunted-house a breeze. I appreciated the practical tips and techniques shared throughout the course, which helped me develop my Photoshop skills.

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